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The Jewish Life Cycle. Beginning with the birth of a child. A Bar or Bat Mitzvah. A wedding. Special moments, anniversaries and birthdays alike. The memory of a loved one. Each of us has special memories. Now you can preserve those memories forever on the Downtown JCC-Chabad Tree of Life. 

This magnificent display is a gift to Downtown JCC-Chabad from Robert and Cynthia Newman and family.

By dedicating a leaf to our NEW beautiful Tree of Life, you can commemorate a special occasion while helping us continue to grow. 

Each leaf is a reminder to our entire congregation of the joy that we as a synagogue, family and community share together. Up to five lines with four words on each line can be used on each leaf.  

The cost for inscription on a silver leaf is $360.

Other donation opportunities are available. 

For more information please call  213-488-1543  

DONOR INFORMATION (individual ordering the Leaf)
First name    State
Last name   Zip
Address   Email
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I would like to dedicate    leaf/ves at $360 per leaf.
Please inscribe the following message on the leaf:
(Alternatively you may print this form and mail with a check to Chabad of Downtown LA 219 W. 7th Street Suite 305, LOs Angeles CA, 90014.)
Name on card   Amount to be charged
Card Number   Card Type
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