“I have lived in Downtown LA for 18 years. Eleven years ago I witnessed the renaissance of Jewish life and community with the arrival of Rabbi Moshe. He and his wife Rivky have created a place that welcomes all the Jews of Downtown; a place to worship, celebrate and learn as a Jew; a place where I can now raise my daughter in the Jewish tradition. Downtown Chabad is an essential and integral part of the fabric of the DTLA community.”

Patti Berman President of Downtown Neighborhood Council

“Chabad of Downtown LA has brought me back to my roots. Rabbi Moshe, Rivky and family are not just great Jewish influencers, they have become amongst my closest of friends.”

Brad Copeland CEO PBJ Enterprises

“Chabad of DTLA feels like an extension of my home. It’s where I get to nourish my Jewish identity. As a progressive activist with a strong Jewish identity, Chabad of DTLA is a huge asset to my life as a Jew.”

Ariana Nussdorf Professor of Business and General Studies at FIDM